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Round Dance Instruction and Cueing

Round Dance

Round dancers

   Round Dance is choreographed and cued Ballroom Dancing. Most of the popular ballroom rhythms are included, such as foxtrot and waltz, cha-cha and rumba and many others. The exciting difference between Round Dancing and free-style, social, ballroom dancing is that each Round Dance has been fully choreographed ahead of time. A beautiful piece of music is selected, and the different steps or figures are chosen to fit the music exactly. If the music swells and pauses briefly, then a dance step that rises and stretches is put into that place. If there is a little syncopation in another part of the song, then a quick little step is inserted.

   Secondly, there is a cuer or leader at the front of the ballroom who tells the dancers what steps to do. As the music plays, and just ahead of the beat so the dancers have time to respond, the cuer names each dance figure in the choreography. The cueing enables the dancers to perform many dances without having to memorize the choreography. You may recognize this is the way Square Dancing is done, with a caller telling the couples what to do.